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Knowledge | Efficiency | Philanthropy

Welcome to MyFreeCams.org, the home of the philanthropic branch of MyFreeCams.com.

Inspired by the work of Google.org, our mission is to use our position as a large social networking website to increase awareness and raise funds for worthwhile projects, initiatives, and relief efforts worldwide.

We believe that the inefficient allocation of resources throughout the world greatly contributes to the challenges faced by humanity as a whole, including issues such as natural disasters, hunger, disease, and deforestation.

Simply put, a poor person in a poor country can generally do more with one dollar than a rich person in a rich country.  When people around the world can instantly connect, share information, and efficiently transfer resources, it becomes much easier to overcome problems.

Recent projects:

On September 26, 2009, there was massive flooding in the Philippines that displaced over 100,000 people, and caused over a billion dollars in damage.  Members and models of MyFreeCams.com worked together to help those in need.  In addition, we sponsored a donation effort and matched the donations of our members to the Philippines Red Cross.

If you would like to submit an idea or a cause for MyFreeCams.org to sponsor, please Contact Us.

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Knowledge | Efficiency | Philanthropy